Sub-Saharan Africa Legal Affairs Coordination

Igbanugo Partners manages transnational legal affairs or services for U.S. corporations in Sub-Saharan Africa; namely:

  • Guiding and/or assisting U.S.-based multinational corporations in coordinating and/or managing their legal affairs in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Aiding clients in the selection of local counsels and staffing transactions, managing legal communications, conducting due diligence, acculturation, identifying extraneous issues that may adversely affect multinational corporate clients and spearheading expedient cost-effective solutions.
  • Generally acting as a liaison between our multinational corporate clients operating in Sub-Saharan Africa and the myriad of governmental parastatals, local firms, agencies and service providers they encounter in the diligent pursuit of their legal and/or business objectives.
  • Managing complex dispute resolution, including international arbitration relative to disputes emanating from Sub-Saharan Africa legal and business transactions.
  • Interpreting and applying immigration laws of Sub-Saharan African countries (particularly, as they relate to the hiring or transfer of foreign technical and managerial personnel).