As an eco-friendly firm, Igbanugo Partners recognizes the critical role we each play in creating a sustainable environment for our present community and our future generations. Because of our commitment to reducing paper usage and other best practices for office paper management, Igbanugo Partners is recognized as an ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge Partner.

The American Bar Association (ABA) Section of Environment, Energy, and Resources and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) designed the ABA-EPA Law Office Climate Challenge program to encourage law offices to take simple, practical steps to become better environmental and energy stewards.

As part of our efforts to create a sustainable environment, our firm:

  • Reduces paper use through duplex printing, duplex copying, and reusing half-used paper whenever appropriate.
  • Recycles discarded paper and other recyclable products.
  • Purchases office products made of recycled material.
  • Reuses boxes, file folders and other office supplies.
  • Uses technological platforms to store and transfer documents electronically when hard copies are unnecessary.
  • Offers a paperless process for preparing visa petitions and applications through our online case management system.
  • Makes use of reusable mugs, glasses, plates and utensils, instead of relying on disposable products.
  • Turns off lights and office equipment when not in use.
  • Communicates legal news and political developments that affect Sub-Saharan Africa through our electronic newsletter, The African Counsel.

Our eco-friendly policies enable us to reduce paper consumption, cut firm expenses, manage energy use, and ultimately protect and preserve our natural environment.