Nonimmigrant Visas

Helping Foreign Nationals Travel, Study and/or Conduct Limited Business Needs

The United States provides an amplitude of opportunities for foreign nationals seeking to come visit the United States without seeking residency here. Many foreign nationals wish to visit family members and other loved ones now living faraway from them. Others desire to learn English, attend a business training meeting or sign a contract necessary for their jobs at home. Nonimmigrant visas provide foreign nationals the opportunity to take advantage of the plethora of accredited universities, vocational and language schools in the United States, as well as to go sightseeing as a tourist in the country while enjoying an intercultural experience.

Other nonimmigrant visas available to our clients include nonimmigrant status in the United States for victims of qualified crimes already living in the United States, as well as fiancés of U.S. citizens planning to marry in the United States.

At Igbanugo Partners Int’l Law Firm, PLLC, we help individuals find which visa best fits their needs.

  • B1/B2 Visas– foreign nationals wishing to visit the United States in order to engage in limited business activities and/or travel and visit family and friends.
  • F-1/M-1/J-1 Visas– foreign nationals students seeking to pursue educational opportunities in the United States at accredited U.S. institutions, vocational training programs or through foreign exchange programs.
  • K-1/K-2 and K-3/K-4 Visas – foreign nationals engaged to U.S. citizens seeking to marry in the United States and their derivative children as well as foreign nationals in the United States currently married to a U.S. citizen with a pending I-130 petition and their derivative children.
  • U Visas– foreign nationals currently living in the United States who have been victims of qualified, documented crimes, and cooperated with investigative authorities.

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