Igbanugo Partners Int’l Law Firm, PLLC, is one of the nation’s premier law firms in the areas of immigration and international law. Our niche focus on these fields — and our unwavering dedication to developing innovative legal solutions for business clients throughout the world — set us leagues apart from competitors. Our proven track record of success has launched our firm’s well-respected reputation nationwide.

In addition to handling general immigration matters, we provide results-oriented guidance for businesses and employers in all aspects of corporate immigration law. We leverage penetrating business perspectives to remain deeply attuned to clients’ objectives and readily adaptable to clients’ needs. Our dynamic, forward-leaning legal team includes thought-leaders with decades of experience navigating the frequently shifting legal and economic terrain that impacts corporate immigration matters.

Our Minnesota-based firm serves multinational companies, global corporations, entrepreneurs, nongovernmental organizations and investors nationwide. Our accuracy and thoroughness, combined with our responsive client-centered service, make us highly sought after for the most basic and complex of business-related immigration issues.

International Trade Law: Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA)

Africa hosts vast resources and enormous economic potential. As burgeoning markets in sub-Saharan Africa continue to gain prominence, domestic and multinational businesses have a unique opportunity to pursue new growth through strategic development plans.

At Igbanugo Partners, our attorneys excel at deftly maneuvering through the often murky waters of international trade law in sub-Saharan Africa. In conjunction with our Sub-Saharan Africa Development Enterprises and Strategy Group, we serve as a single source for comprehensive legal, financial and practical guidance.

We serve as the vital link between promising possibilities and concrete successes.

Businesses around the world turn to us for customized solutions in sub-Saharan Africa. We carefully calibrate our approach to transform untapped potential into measurable success. Well-studied in the latest economic trends of the region, we leverage manifold connections — including strategic alliances with foreign legal counsel and affiliations with major market research and consulting firms across the U.S. and SSA. Clients benefit from our ability to proactively manage risks, identify investment opportunities, leverage market strategies and overcome legal obstacles.

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