Founder’s Message

Igbanugo Partners Int’l Law Firm, PLLC (Igbanugo Partners) brings an innovative approach to the practice of law and to partnering and client service that is unique among top-tier boutique firms. The focus of our representation is institutional, and our long-term goal is to create a one-stop shop to meet the various needs of institutional clients in our two areas of specialty – (1) U.S. Immigration & Nationality Law and (2) International Trade Law with a narrow focus on Sub-Saharan Africa (SSA).

Our core philosophy regards the law as a service business and we are keenly aware that outside counsel represents a corporate expense. For this reason, we always cost effectively deploy our services. Our attorneys realize that the value of legal service is determined by client satisfaction and how well we contribute to our clients’ success and profitability. Therefore, we continuously improve the services offered to our clients in terms of expertise, experience and responsiveness. We infuse creativity, inventiveness and dynamism into our everyday thinking and often challenge the status quo when it is no longer relevant. Providing the best to our clients is not just a goal – it is an obligation we deem paramount and pursue with messianic fervor.

We are proud to have a team of attorneys and professionals that reflects our nation’s diversity. Our mix of race, religion, gender, age, culture and national origin is our “ace in the hole” as it enables us to draw upon our varied talents and experience to benefit our clients. Our institutional clients thrive in a multicultural world; we offer them excellence in a multicultural firm with creative ideas and pluralistic solutions.

As a firm, we have adopted a deliberate and collective mindset shift to catalyze our responsiveness and become better partners to those we serve. We are honored to partner with clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to public and governmental entities. Where others see an obstacle, we see and welcome an opportunity to elevate our performance.

As an eco-friendly firm that is committed to sustainability, we are constantly implementing ways to reduce our energy use and paper consumption, from duplex printing and copying to using electronic means to store and transfer documents. We truly recognize the critical role we each play in creating a sustainable environment for our present community and our future generations.

We are committed to the best dictates of corporate social responsibility and meticulously adhere to the “triple bottom line” approach of “planet, people and profits.” If the true measure of success is fidelity to the vision, then we have indeed been successful.

Our commitment to seeing the big picture as well as the details, and understanding our clients’ industries, business culture, and business goals, ensures both successful and cost-effective representation. We are in the forefront of the evolution of a new kind of law firm — the virtual law firm — with lower overheads and more efficient practices. Through solid, strategic alliances and an arsenal that includes an integrated, high-performing team comprised of talented, dedicated and experienced professionals, we have achieved the economies of scale enjoyed by large law firms.

We want to introduce who we are and what we do. We welcome the opportunity to meet and discuss how our firm may serve your legal needs and business goals.

Herbert A. Igbanugo, Esq.