General Immigration Law

Igbanugo Partners is comprised of attorneys and a support team with diverse backgrounds whose combined years of experience in immigration and nationality law can assist any business and individual achieve their immigration objectives. We use our expertise to assist corporate clients with immigration matters so they can focus their energies on getting the most out of their business and staff. We use our client-centered approach to resolve individuals’ immigration issues so they can better handle the daily demands of their business and personal lives.

Keeping Up with Changes

Keeping up with new developments in immigration law is time consuming and complex. In a global economy, businesses need experienced legal advisors who can assist them in navigating the ever-changing immigration landscape. Recent world events have made it more challenging to move foreign personnel and investment into the United States.

We make it our business to keep up with the frequent changes in immigration law and apprise our clients of these important changes. The immigration policies of the United States are in constant flux. Whether your case is related to immigration statutes or regulations, or decisions and policies of the principal government agencies that administer immigration laws (the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the Department of State, and the Department of Labor), Igbanugo Partners can develop and implement a well-designed plan for your needs that conforms to or complies with the most recent government policy initiatives. Our attorneys are members of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), which is the best resource for current information and changes in immigration law.


We use top-notch immigration case management software to assist clients in filing and tracking their immigration cases. Clients receive their individual login names and passwords to access our secure, case management web site, where they can complete questionnaires for their petitions and applications, view a list of required documents, and check the status of their case.

Providing Comprehensive Legal Services

Igbanugo Partners offers comprehensive legal services and creative, effective solutions to our clients. We have experience resolving complex immigration matters for clients ranging from global corporations to individual U.S. citizens. Our services include: