Kathleen Garcia

Receptionist & Administrative Assistant

From: Guatemala City, Guatemala

Phone: 612-746-0360

Email: receptionist@igbanugolaw.com

Kathleen joined Igbanugo Partners in February 2020 as the full-time Receptionist/Administrative Assistant. She is a first-generation immigrant from Guatemala and speaks fluent Spanish and English. She previously worked as a legal receptionist/assistant at a bankruptcy law firm in Minneapolis, which sparked an interest for her to pursue a career in law. Kathleen has a strong work ethic which allows her to ensure every client is attended to with the utmost standard of customer service. Her experience as a legal receptionist has equipped her to handle large numbers of clients at one time. She is adamant on time management which allows her to schedule her time throughout the day as needed to complete her necessary tasks which are necessary to the daily flow and success of the firm. Kathleen is currently working on obtaining her associate’s degree at Century Community College.